Power Edison partnered with industry leaders and developed patent-pending systems built on reliable and proven equipment. Our systems serve utilities, commercial/industrial customers and power producers. In addition, we developed a suite of complimentary software applications that give our customers insight on deploying mobile storage systems.



Plug & Play

High volumetric and gravitational energy density

Proven Reliability

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Flexible Configuration for Spectrum of Use-Cases

Designed To Handle Off-Road Conditions

Intelligent Software

Cost Effective

Hybrid Capability for genset pairing

Software Suite

Utility Economics Program (UEP)

UEP analyzes substation capacity data, utility marginal upgrade cost, anticipated load growth per annum and other inputs. The program automatically calculates the economic value of energy storage deployment for infrastructure upgrade deferral over a multi-year time horizon.

BTM Storage Analysis Program (BTMSAP)

BTSMAP analyzes services and economics of Behind-The-Meter (BTM) energy storage deployments. These services include: TOU management, demand charge reduction, backup power etc.

Battery Configurations Program (BCP)

BCP automatically calculates the battery size and configuration required for reliable operation of individual or a set of battery services as required by the customer.

Fleet Asset Optimization Program (FAOP)

FAOP provides the user a holistic view of the assets. The program will  determine the optimal geographical and time deployment of the fleet for maximum benefits/revenue.

Battery Services Revenue Program (BSRP)

BSRP is an industry-leading program designed to determine the cost/benefit analysis for battery system deployments. This complex software determines the energy storage benefits by taking into account all possible battery service revenue (ISO/RTO, utility and behind-the-meter) and incentives. The program also calculates the costs including taxes, CapEx and O&M.

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