Dynamic Power For A Dynamic Grid

Energy storage systems enable a smarter and more resilient grid infrastructure through peak demand management, increased integration of renewable energy and through a myriad of additional grid applications. 


However, grid challenges are dynamic, appearing at different times and locations over the years. Stationary storage lacks flexibility, suffers from low utilization and from the risk of becoming a stranded asset. Power Edison addressed these issues by developing mobile energy storage which is flexible and can be repurposed many times throughout its life. Mobility allows for increased utilization and for significantly higher benefit cost ratio or return on invested capital.


Power Edison provides highly modular, utility grade, turn-key trailer mounted mobile ESSs featuring state-of-the-art batteries and balance-of-system components.


Power Edison mobile ESSs are designed – from the ground up – to be modular, robust, reliable, flexible and cost-effective electrical capacity resources that can provide a wide spectrum of electricity-related services and benefits. To add even more flexibility, Power Edison mobile ESSs can be purchased, rented or leased.


Power Edison’s comprehensive offerings include regulatory policy support, grid analytics, customized engineering designs, project finance and operations and maintenance.


Utility Engagaments


Man-Years of Storage Experience


Years of Mobile Storage Deployment Experience 

Power Edison is an entrepreneurial company based in the greater New York area with experience in technologies, financing, and business models for mobile energy storage systems. Power Edison is focused on direct engagement of utilities and their customers to maximize utilization of mobile T&D storage systems.

-Con Edison, NY Public Commission Filing - Approved Q1 2017


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