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Mobile Storage Solutions
TerraCharge™ Platform

Power Edison partnered with industry leaders and developed our patent-pending TerraCharge™ platform built on reliable and proven equipment. Our systems serve utilities, commercial/industrial customers and power producers.

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Mobile Battery Trailer

Battery Trailer Features


2-5MWh Energy Capacity


Technology Agnostic

Air & Liquid-Cooled Battery Options

Industry-Leading Safety

Cold Weather Packages

Designed To Handle Off-Road Conditions

UL9540a Tested

Redundant HVAC's

Intelligent On-Board Analytics & Software

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Power Conversion System (PCS) Trailer

Power Conversion System (PCS) Trailer Features

1MW+ Power Increments

Plug and Play Cables

Proven Reliability

Multiple AC Interconnection Voltages from 480V-33kV

Flexible Battery/PCS Trailer Configurations

Designed To Handle Off-Road Conditions

Optional 30ft+ Robotic Mast for Overhead Connections

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Intelligent Energy and Fleet Management Software

System Applications

The TerraCharge energy storage systems allows operators to participate in over 20 grid-connected and off-grid applications

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